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Building Long-Term Relationships

Shift4 Testimonial

As the finance department at Shift4, Keith Weber and his team play a crucial role in managing various aspects of the company's operations, including daily sales order invoicing, billing and collections, ticket time, material billing, renewal support agreements, and field service agreements. Additionally, they handle important accounting tasks, such as daily receipts and cash receipts in the Sage module. 


Having worked closely with Ascent Business Systems for the past two years, Keith Weber shares his insights and experiences, shedding light on the invaluable support provided by our partnership in streamlining their operations and maximizing efficiency. In this testimonial, Keith highlights the transformative impact our software has had on their daily processes and the overall success of their department.

How long have you been working with Ascent Business Systems and what do you do on a daily basis for your company?

I've been in the business doing similar work here for over 20 years, but my company was acquired in September of 2021 by Shift4 Payments, so almost 2 years now. 


Shift4 Payments is a Credit Card processing company and to further their reach, they've bought multiple point-of-sale companies. We had our own accounting and ticketing systems. A competitor of ours had been acquired by Shift4 about a year earlier and was using Sage and Ascent Business Systems as one of their partners. 


When we got acquired that was the incumbent system that they wanted us to move to and that’s where the start of working with Ascent began! 


The first engagement that I had with Ascent was working with them on how to transition our accounting information – our customers, our contracts, inventory and warehouse data, etc. into the Sage product. It was really a consulting plus an integration piece of getting us off of our old system and into Sage. 


It is AutomatedService that does the help desk ticketing, the field service ticketing, the time of material billing, the support and service agreements, and the deferral of revenue. I worked heavily with Chris Fix to get data imported and in the right format. His support really helped in my learning about Sage.

Were there any parts of working with Ascent Business Systems that have really stood out to you, or made you feel like your investment was worthwhile? 

Since then, it's been consistent support from the Ascent team. And man, it was a very pleasant experience. The people – if we needed something done overnight, they worked with us overnight. The scheduling wasn't an issue – there was no ‘this can only be done eight to five’, no. They were helping us out at midnight, 2:00 AM, and were very accommodating on what we needed.

What value has working with Ascent Business Systems brought to your own agency? 

Looking back on that whole experience, what brought me the most value was probably the consulting piece of it, because we didn't know what we were moving into when it came to Sage. It was all new for us.  

We would ask for “option A” thinking that's what we needed. And they [the Ascent team] would hear us and go, ‘I hear what you're saying and if you do it that way, here will be your result.’ Then, they’d offer a better solution: ‘We recommend you do it this way and you'll get all these benefits plus the result you were looking for!

The consultation, not just taking what we ask for, but understanding what we needed at the end and being able to help us see oh - we don't really want what we ask for, we want what we need at the end. 

That was probably the biggest, largest value followed by the durability to work with us on the scheduling and timing and late nights along with the ongoing support. The Ascent team gave us customizations and tweaks to the system to do things a little outside of what Sage was designed to do.

Who would be the perfect partner client for Ascent Business Systems? 

If you're working in Sage and you need to extend its functionality, Ascent Business Systems has the perfect solution for you. If you are doing any kind of ticketing, support agreements, contracts, revenue, etc. the AutomatedService add-on module they have developed is perfect. 

In one line, how would you describe your overall experience working with Ascent Business Systems? 

Wow. In a nutshell - it was the people. People make a difference and they have some excellent people working for them. You don't always find that out there.

It’s not just a company trying to bill you for nothingness - they're good people who do the work and understand. Ascent Business Systems is very, very, very highly rated in my mind.

The Ascent Business Systems team is grateful for the trust and loyalty Keith and the Shift4 team has given us over the last couple of years. We believe his story serves as a testament to the indispensable role that we can provide in enhancing the operations of companies like Shift4. 

Set up a call with us today to learn more about the comprehensive suite of solutions and unwavering commitment to customer success. By using our innovative software, you can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and achieve remarkable growth. 

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