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Our passion at Ascent Business Systems is to help service companies like yours grow and thrive. Operating a sales and service enterprise is a big challenge with a multitude of moving parts – sales, service, service contracts, preventive maintenance, warranty, job costing, and much more! This article will highlight the breadth of what field service software solutions offer to reduce these challenges.

The Core Features of Field Service Software

Companies like yours keep the world running, making all of us safe and comfortable. You provide your customers peace of mind that they will be able to do all of their daily activities.

If your workforce depends on paper service tickets, spreadsheets, and independent systems to run your business, it may be time for a change. The right field service management software provides you with every tool needed to transform the way you transact and manage your business. All of the features highlighted below reside in one system when you partner with Ascent:

  • Customer service built around your industry-specific information

  • Dispatching & logistics tools, supported by company-wide alerting functions

  • Sales quotes & advanced invoice features

  • Document management 

  • Rental Management 

  • Preventative maintenance & automated inspection processes

  • Technician "Mobile" software that does it all

  • Data Analytics & Reporting

Investing in software designed specifically for your business will immediately improve all aspects of performance which will make a transformational impact on your customers, staff, and profitability!

All-in-One Solution Software

Relying on multiple applications to run your business is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. It is time to digitize, automate, and optimize your business to keep you ahead of the competition. AutomatedService allows you to have everything that you need to meet business needs far out into the future. 


AutomatedService business software puts all of your mission-critical business processes in one place and gives your entire team the ability to operate within a single solution. It optimizes your entire operation by:

  1. Error Reduction: Letting data flow through all aspects of your business to eliminate error-prone, manual data entry.

  2. Higher Efficiencies: You can manage invoicing, contracts, service, inventory, rentals, and more without switching between software.

  3. Increased Revenues: Enhancing your mobile workforce’s capabilities with a mobile workflow solution that maximizes technician transactional efficiency and profitability.

  4. Optimization: Automating contract renewals,  preventative maintenance scheduling, and more so your team can respond to more customer needs daily.

  5. Control: Giving you instant access to all of your data and reporting for a 360-degree view of your business.

Improve Productivity

Error-prone, manual processes slow you down. Ascent’s sales and service solution connects all of your key business functions and automates your manual processes. Your employees spend less time on costly admin work and more time servicing your customers and growing your sales. Let’s face it, you’re only as successful as your workforce is at keeping it all together. Business optimization with AutomatedService allows you to experience complete control of your business like never before.


Ascent has played a successful role in optimizing service enterprises like yours for over 30 years with amazing returns on investments. Our portfolio of solutions gives our clients the opportunity to take complete control of their business and add new dimensions of organizational efficiency and control. Complete more jobs, reduce costs, and maximize employee efficiency by optimizing your day-to-day service operations with AutomatedService!

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